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Ported Applications

Currently one application has been ported as a test case. Many more will follow later.


These are the steps for downloading and installing Vim with Aap, using the default features:
  1. Obtain and install Aap. See the download page.
  2. Create a new directory where you want to build Vim and change to that directory
  3. Run Aap in the new directory:
       aap -f CVS=no
    This will download the bootstrap recipe "main.aap" and execute it. The bootstrap recipe will create the "vim" directory, download the required files and build Vim. All in one go!
    The above will build Vim from archives plus patches. If you prefer to use CVS, use this command instead:
       aap -f
    When switching between the two methods you need to delete everything first, CVS doesn't mix with using the archives.
  4. To install Vim do:
       aap install
    First become "root" if needed. If you prefer to install in your home directory do:
       aap install PREFIX=$HOME
That's all. Whenever you want to obtain the latest version, run Aap again in the directory you downloaded the bootstrap recipe into: aap update

There is one option for downloading: If you have the CVS program but want to install Vim from archives and patches instead, run Aap with an extra argument: aap CVS=no.

If you want to select different features for Vim, first do aap fetch as above to obtain Vim, then edit the file vim/src/config.arg. Add any configure arguments you like to use. Then run Aap without arguments, it will automatically run configure.

Vim BSD port

This is a different approach: it uses a port recipe. This only works on BSD systems (it was tested on FreeBSD).
  1. Obtain and install Aap. See the download page.
  2. Download the port recipe: Place it in a newly created directory, for example "~/ports/vim/".
  3. Go to the directory of the just downloaded "main.aap" recipe and run Aap:
       aap install CVS=no
    This will download, build and install Vim. You will be asked to enter the root password when Vim is about to be installed. You can leave out "CVS=no" if you want to obtain Vim through CVS.
The differences with the above port of Vim:
  • The port recipe does not contain all the instructions to do the work, only the essential information.
  • Only the port recipe uses Aap, otherwise "make" is used.
  • The downloaded archives and patches are verified with a checksum.
  • Installing Vim is done with "pkg_add", which means the install will be registered.
  • To update to a newer version, use aap distclean and then aap --fetch-recipe.
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