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Project plan and tasks


Three phases have been defined for the A-A-P project:

  1. Initiation: Setting up the web site, evaluation of available tools, writing the first plan.
  2. Proof of concept: Development of version 0.1, design of the recipe syntax and a first implementation of the recipe executive.
  3. First full release: Implementation of the GUI IDE and cross referencer, version 1.0 forms a stable base for further development.

The project is currently in the third phase. Version 1.0 should be ready in July 2003.

The plan for version 1.0 can be found here (updated January 2003).
The previous version of the plan, concentrating on version 0.1, can be found here.


You can help making A-A-P grow. In the true spirit of open-source software you are invited to join in and do part of the work. There are small tasks, like adding support for a compiler, and bigger ones.

The tasks are listed in the SourceForge task manager. If you have questions, contact Bram AT a-a-p DOT org.  

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