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Installable Packages

With a simple command a package can be installed with Aap:

	aap --install package-name
For example, to install Vim use the command:
	aap --install vim

Available Packages

name systems description
aap U W X Aap itself. Used for upgrading.
agide U W X Agide and packages required by it.
ctags U W X Exuberant ctags.
cvs U W CVS, a version control system.
gunzip W uncompress ".gz" files.
gvim U W X GUI version of Vim.
gzip W compress a file to ".gz".
mingw W The MinGW compiler tools: "gdb", "gcc" and others.
patch W Apply a diff to a file.
scp U W X Secure copy.
subversion U Version control system. (FreeBSD only)
tar W Tape archiver, handles .tar files.
templ U X Generates file templates.
unzip W Unpacks ".zip" archives.
vim U W X The editor Vim.
wxpython W X The wxPython GUI toolkit (used by Agide).

U - Unix
W - MS-Windows
X - Mac OS X (some packages only work when the developer tools are installed)


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